Transmission Maintenance

Transmission problems are notoriously among the most expensive repairs required for your vehicle. That’s because your transmission is a complex system of gears that transmit mechanical power to your engine, ultimately determining the rate of speed you travel. Transmissions convert this power from the engine so that it can supply high torque at low speeds. Transmissions also select which gears are appropriate based on the driving conditions. This is especially true with automatic transmissions—by far the most popular transmissions found in the US. Rather than using a clutch to engage the transmission, automatic transmissions use a torque converter (between the engine and transmission) to control the number of gears when driving. Supplying the power to regulate gear action is a demanding task. Trust Cross Street Automotive, your transmission service specialists. Here are some of the essential maintenance tasks Cross Street Automotive routinely completes:

  • Drain transmission and torque converter
  • Refill Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF) with new fluid

Transmission problems typically arise when regular service is neglected. When fluids aren not properly changed, heat caused from mileage friction results in rough shifting, accelerated wear, and even complete failure. That’s why it’s essential that you turn to us to make sure that your transmission is lubricated and cooled by the finest quality transmission fluids, installed by our service professionals.

Note: Some transmission filters are not serviceable

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